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Carers Week Toolkit

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Carers Week Toolkit

How You Can Help

When you donate to Little Dreamers during Carers Week, you directly contribute to improving the quality of life for Young Carers.

Your generosity helps fund vital support programs, respite activities, and educational opportunities. You can choose to make a one off donation, or become a regular ‘Big Giver’.

These initiatives offer Young Carers the chance to experience the joys of childhood, pursue their dreams, and alleviate the physical and emotional challenges of caregiving.

Carers Week Toolkit


National Carers Week is a time to come together and create a ripple of positive change for carers. Sharing is a powerful way to raise awareness and make a difference. Whether it’s through social media, conversations with friends and family, or within your workplace, your voice matters.

We’ve provided a range of resources in our media kit, including social media images, blog posts and videos, to make sharing easy and impactful. By spreading the word, you help shed light on the challenges Young Carers face and inspire others to join the cause. Together, we can build a more compassionate and supportive community for carers.

Media Kit
Carers Week Toolkit

Attend our Events

Carers Week is all about coming together to support Young Carers, and we have a fantastic lineup of events that you won’t want to miss! From the Young Carers Festival in VIC, filled with fun and inspiration, to state-specific information sessions tailored for community organisations and referrers, there’s something for everyone. Plus, get creative and take part in our ‘Design a Mascot’ competition for Young Carers!

Your participation not only adds to the excitement but also shows your dedication to making a difference in the lives of these incredible young individuals. Mark your calendar and attend our events this Carers Week – let’s make it a week to remember.

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Carers Week Toolkit

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Welcome to the Little Dreamers merchandise store! Every purchase you make here goes a long way in supporting our impactful programs.

From stylish bucket hats to comfy t-shirts, inspiring books to versatile totes, we offer a range of carefully curated merchandise that not only lets you express your support for our mission but also contributes directly to our initiatives. Each item you choose is a step towards empowering young minds and making dreams come true.

Shop with purpose and be a part of the positive change we’re creating together.

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