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My Two Weeks at Little Dreamers

June 20th, 2022

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Hello, I’m Cass! I use she/they pronouns and I am 16 years old.

I’ve been participating in Little Dreamers programs for around 5 years now, and I have learnt so much about myself.

My first ever program was a School Holiday Program at a waterpark. Since then, I’ve been part of programs such as: more Holiday Programs, Big Dreamers, Hour of Power, Little Dreamers x Reach Camp, Tutoring and the Young Carer Job Readiness Program.

Through Big Dreamers and the recent Reach Camp, I learnt more about how to feel my emotions and how to help others with their emotions, how the world works, and other things young adults need to know. The Holiday Programs and Hour of Power are full of fun! We play games, chat with other Young Carers and visit cool places. The Job Readiness Program is a program that is currently running and I am learning so much already!

My two weeks at Little Dreamers have been quite eventful, in a good way! Here’s a recap:

Monday 6 June

First day of work experience, I started at the St Kilda office. I had a morning coffee with some of the Little Dreamers staff. Then we went straight into packing and organising boxes for Tuesday, which was moving day! I sat down with Emma and Hannah to join in a meeting with staff from other states. Emma, Hannah and I had a meeting about improving the Dreamers Hub and finally, Emma ran through the various departments and organisation structure of Little Dreamers with me. I finish at 3:30pm and start on my long journey home. 

Tuesday 7 June

It’s moving day! I met Yuval and we headed out to a meeting in North Melbourne with a statewide network of organisations working for Young Carers. Back at the St Kilda Office, time for more packing and loading the moving van. Maddy, Emma and I head to the storage unit and pack away boxes.

Time to see the new office! Maddy and I go to the office first. It’s a coworking space, which means there are many different companies and organisations in one space. Little Dreamers staff from VIC are in a room full of desks and some storage units. Community kitchen, meeting rooms, coffee shop and call pods all on the same level as the new office. Maddy and I start setting up the office and having chill time. I finish at 5pm and find my way home from the South Melbourne office. 

Friday 1O June

Third day I start my day missing a tram. Oops. I get to the office on time and start on my project work. This includes a ‘Meet the Team’ profile, this blog post and an evaluation of the Dreamers Hub. Emma, Maddy and Caitlin did an amazing job on setting up all the shelves and files. Time to set up the office a little more for Tuesday when most staff are coming to work at the new office. The office is looking amazing, just a bit bare because not everyone has set up their desks. Let’s hope I don’t miss my tram or train on the way home!

Tuesday 14 June

First day in the new office! I didn’t miss my train on Friday however I did miss my train this morning. Luckily my mum was able to drive me in! I came into the new office with everyone super excited. We have an induction at 10am and a nice lunch with most of the team at 12:30. I have some new tasks to do while I’m in the office. I am going to keep it a secret but I’m sure I’ll brag about it someday! I am also getting some training about branding and communications. Lots of work to do! Hour of Power is also today, I had it last Tuesday as well. So sad that Friday is my last day at Little Dreamers. 🙁

Friday 17 June

Last day of work experience! Unfortunately I had a stomach bug therefore I was unable to go into the office. I did join one last meeting with Emma and Hannah about the Dreamers Hub to present my analysis of the platform and also completed this blog. 

My time with Little Dreamers through work experience was amazing! It was so fun to work with Emma and the other staff members, I loved seeing how Little Dreamers works in the office. I had a wonderful experience, thank you to everyone at Little Dreamers for making the past two weeks so inspiring!

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