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Our Commitment to Safeguarding

Hey there!

We believe that everyone who comes to our programs and events should:

  • Feel comfortable;
  • Be cared for; and
  • Feel safe and be safe.

To make sure this is the case, we have lots of systems and processes in place to ensure you are protected from any harm. 

What can I do to keep myself safe?

There are things you can do to keep yourself safe, including:

  • Talking to a trusted adult if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.
  • Knowing your rights and what to do if you are being harmed.
  • Learning how to say no to unwanted touch or attention.
  • Reporting any concerns you have about the safety of yourself or another child.

Who can I talk to if I need help?

If you need help, you can talk to a trusted adult, such as a parent, teacher, or another adult you know and trust. 

It’s always ok to speak up if you’re unhappy with the way you’re being treated. This might be about a program you’ve participated in, the way a staff member or another young person behaves, or the way a problem was handled. 

We will always listen to you and take your complaint seriously, and you absolutely won’t get in trouble for telling us the truth.

There are many ways you can talk to us:

  • You can tell a staff member or volunteer at Little Dreamers who you trust
  • Call us on 1800 717 515 and ask for our HR Manager, Erin
  • Send us an email 
  • Contact us on Instagram or Facebook messenger 

If you’d feel more comfortable talking to someone outside of Little Dreamers, here are some other places you can get online and phone support:

Remember, you are not alone.

There are people who care about you and want to keep you safe. If you need help, please reach out.

If you have any questions about safeguarding, please ask a trusted adult.


To read our full policies and processes around Safeguarding Children and Young People, download the documents below.

  • Engagement Procedure to Support Equity and Diversity: word doc | pdf
  • Information for Parents and Guardians about Safeguarding Children and Young People: word doc | pdf
  • Safeguarding Code of Conduct for Children and Young People: word doc | pdf
  • Parents/Guardians Code of Conduct: word doc | pdf



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