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Money Matters

If you’ve ever wished there was a subject called ‘How to Handle Your Money 101’, you’re in the right place. Welcome to our Money Matters Financial Literacy Series, a guide to navigating the world of money and owning your finances.

The world of money can be fascinating, complicated, and overwhelming all at once. Money can pay for our Netflix account, buy us hot chips at the canteen, and score us movie tickets. Plus all the trimmings, like soft drinks, choc-tops, and popcorn. But the world of money can also lead to 1001 questions.

  • How do you earn more of it?
  • Why does it disappear so quickly?
  • How do you budget?
  • How can I make money and care for a family member?
  • Why can’t we just print more money?

Listen to the series here!

A big thank you to the Ecstra Foundation for making this series possible!

Safe is Savvy

Being a digital native is a really cool privilege.

You understand how to use devices, navigate digital platforms and get lost in cyber-worlds that baffle the boomers.

But much like the real world, there’s bullying, corruption, sexual exploitation and safety concerns. As a Young Carer, you’ve probably already  got a lot on your plate. So we’ve designed this podcast to help you access all the information you need to stay safe in the digital age.

We’re here to answer all the big hairy questions you’re too embarrassed to ask anyone else, like…

  • What’s the definition of bullying?
  • Why does it feel so damn good to scroll?
  • Is it really socialising if I’m doing it online?
  • Or… Can someone take advantage of me online?

If any of these questions are ones you’ve thought about before, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to the Safe is Savvy podcast: a guide to staying safe while having heaps of fun in the digital and real worlds.

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