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Work experience at Little Dreamers

September 11th, 2017

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Written by Katie Brown, Year 10 work experience student, East Doncaster Secondary College

Hello, my name is Katie,

I’m a year 10 student at East Doncaster Secondary College and have been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to do my two weeks of work experience at Little Dreamers!

When I first heard what the LittleDreamers organisation was all about I was extremely touched, and frankly a little disheartened I hadn’t known about such an influential charity before. For young carers to get support is vital. Just being experienced with normal sibling responsibility for my younger brother, (which means still taking the time to make him honey toast for breakfast before taking two buses and a train to get to my first day of work experience ) I can only imagine what the responsibility that comes with being a youth carer is like.

I am bubbling with excitement over just hearing what my first week of work experience will entail (also possibly due to the sugar high of free snacks in the meeting room). I am most looking forward to working on the support needed for Little Dreamers up and coming festivals; by the looks of past festival photos they look really fun!

I hope to finish my time working for Little Dreamers with a better awareness of what it means to be a youth carer and how I can support my peers. When I get back to school I plan to discuss this with my classmates and look into getting EDSC involved with this amazing charity, as I think their message deserves to be spread!

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