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Ethan, 11

Ethan Ethan

I care for: my sister

Hi, my name is Ethan and I’m 11 years old.

In my spare time I like to play lots of sport! Footy, soccer, cricket and basketball in particular, which I play all the time in my backyard. After school, you’ll find me playing in my local cricket and footy teams, learning Hebrew, and attending Little Dreamers’ programs.

My favourite subjects at school are Maths and Sport. And my dream job is to play AFL football! I’d describe my personality as funny, supportive, and lots of fun.

I’m a Young Carer for my sister, Evie, who is 8 years old and has Autism. She often needs help with day-to-day tasks and in understanding the world around her, which I am by her side to assist with.


My Day-to-Day

Sometimes, Evie wakes up really early and will wake up the whole family! I often need to help mum and dad look after Evie when they have other things to do, and sometimes if Evie has a meltdown I either help distract her and calm her down, or know when I need to to stay out of the way and look after myself. I help out doing lots of extra chores at home as well, and sometimes I cook or set the table for meals.

My favourite part about being involved in Little Dreamers’ are the games we play, and the fact that I can meet and relate to other people my age who have similar experiences and caring roles. I love feeling like I’m part of a community and feeling proud of my caring role.

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