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Hannah, 18

Hannah Hannah Hannah

I care for: my mum and younger brother

I’m Hannah.

I love to paint, write, do colourful makeup, and basically anything creative. I have a habit of hopping from hobby to hobby, but I enjoy them all! In my spare time, I am a part of a theatre group and a creative writing group run by a group called MISFITS.

My favourite subjects at school were definitely art, maths, media and english. I’ve never really been sure about what I wanted to do, but more recently I’ve concluded that my dream job will involve helping people.

I’m a very quiet person when anyone first meets me, but I can be very chaotic and a little childish when I’m around people I’m comfortable with. I’ve always been labeled the ‘mum’ friend and I have to say that’s pretty accurate, I always try to look out for the people around me. But be warned, I have a short fuse!

I am a Young Carer for my mum, who has had Bipolar Disorder since before I was born, and my twelve year old brother, who has Autism and ADHD.


My Day-to-Day

As a carer for my twelve year old brother, I often help him with his school work and prepare special meals for him that he will eat. My mum finds it difficult to look after my brother, so I try to help her as much as possible. A few days a week I cook dinner and I also do the meal prep for the week. I help my mum with the grocery shopping as she can’t do it by herself.

Through Little Dreamers, I’ve met so many great people and all of them have had a unique but significant impact on my life. Little Dreamers has inspired where I want to go with my life and the team has been so supportive as I work towards that.

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