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Ilija, 13

Ilija Ilija Ilija

I care for: my younger sister

Hello, my name is Ilija.

I would describe myself as friendly, caring, thoughtful and also shy. My hobbies include watching the Western Bulldogs and Melbourne Storm, playing Basketball, and being a Junior Volunteer for the CFA. My favourite subject at school is maths.

In my spare time, I’m also part of the Save the Dogs Scheme at The Lost Dogs Home, I play football, and I am in a drumming group.

My dream job is to work in a zoo, as I love animals!

I’m a Young Carer for my little sister Nakita, who is 6 years old. She has Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and a Severe Phonological Speech Sound Disorder. This means she only has minimal communication skills and often has trouble communicating what she needs. She is also very sensitive to different things like food, sunlight, certain materials, and many other things.


My Day-to-Day

On a typical day, I usually get up at 7am and get myself ready for school, then help my mum get things ready for Nakita, because she’s often been up late into the night taking care of her.

Every day is different in our house. Some days are good and my sister is in a good mood, and other days she is screaming because the sunlight has hit her, or she doesn’t like the feel of clothing tags, or doesn’t like her food. When we’re out at shops, I watch her closely, as she will sign that she wants to do something and then run off very quickly. I also help out by doing dishes, taking bins out and helping to tidy up at home. I try to support mum a lot, because she doesn’t get much time to stop and look after herself.

My favourite part of Little Dreamers has been connecting with new people. Little Dreamers has been amazing in supporting me and my family and I look forward to seeing the new friends I have made and the team and volunteers each week.

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