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Maddy, 18

Maddy Maddy Maddy

I care for: my mum

Hi, my name’s Maddy.

I love reading and watching TV shows, and I also enjoy going out with my friends and going for long walks. At school, my favourite subjects are chemistry and biology, and I’ve also been a member of my school’s book club since Year 7. My dream job is to be a doctor.

I would describe my personality as passionate, and open.

I’m also a Young Carer for my mum, who has a chronic lung condition called Cystic Fibrosis.


My Day-to-Day

I have two younger sisters, so whenever mum is in hospital, I become the ‘step in’ mum, and take care of them. There are times when we visit mum in hospital and I have limited time to do homework or be involved in social activities, but I wouldn’t trade that for the world. To help support my family, I also bake and cook pretty often and I provide lots of emotional support and advice.

I’ve recently been involved in the Big Dreamers Program with Little Dreamers. The workshops were a great way to learn important life skills and to learn about myself, and to explore my strengths and weaknesses. Both of the retreats gave me the opportunity to leave my worries behind and to learn and have fun with many amazing people. Before Big Dreamers, I didn’t know anyone else who was a Young Carer and would sometimes feel lost as I would find it hard to explain my common struggles. Through this program, I have met some incredible Young Carers, who I have become really good friends with. I feel so lucky to have been part of this experience.

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