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Tamia, 12

Tamia Tamia Tamia

I care for: my mum

Hi, I’m Tamia.

I like to draw, paint, design and play basketball. In general, I love being outdoors and being active. I’m part of my local basketball team, but sadly we’ve had to stop playing because of the pandemic restrictions.

In my spare time, I love listening to music and playing Just Dance, as well as practicing doing makeup and hair. I would describe my personality as super funny! I’m also very creative, sensitive and I’m down to earth and easy to talk to.

I have a few dream careers – but haven’t quite decided yet. My dream jobs are to be either a movie producer, actress, fashion designer or a graphic designer.

I’m a Young Carer for my mum, who has lots of serious illnesses and disabilities. Small tasks for her can become life-threatening due to her heart condition and she is also partially blind.


My Day-to-Day

On a typical day in my caring role, I get up and make breakfast for my brother and I. I check on my mum to see what she needs during the day and help a lot with my brother, getting him ready for school and keeping him entertained outside of school hours. I also help with lots of chores around the house. I help my dad to get the house ready for when the paramedics need to come in for emergencies, which happens a lot. Sometimes, I wash my mum’s hair too.

I have really enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends through Little Dreamers. I like that I can connect with other people going through similar things and I love the Holiday Programs, they have been super fun!

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