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Looking for support? First, we’ll need to find out a bit more about you to ensure we can help you in the best way possible.

Please complete the form below and we’ll contact you with next steps within 48 hours.

  • Referrer Details
  • Best Contact Person
  • Young Carer Details
  • Tell us a bit about your role as a Young Carer
  • Support Required

Referrer Details

This information is in relation to the person making the referral for support. If you are a Young Carer applying for support for yourself, please provide information in relation to yourself.

Best Contact Person

This may be the same as the referrer on the previous page. However, it may be different. For example, you may be a social worker referring a young person but a parent or guardian is the best person to contact going forward. We want to know who the best contact person is to provide ongoing support to the young person.

Young Carer Details

The remainder of the information is specifically about the young person. If possible, please work with the young person to complete the rest of this application.

Tell us a bit about your role as a Young Carer

Support Required

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