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Your donation will directly support a Young Carer just like Cybaal, helping her to access our programs which focus on five key areas: education, employment, mental and physical health, and social and financial wellbeing. Cybaal is a Young Carer for her younger brother, Muhamad, who has Pierre Robin Syndrome. Watch her story here.


Gives Young Carers like Cybaal the opportunity to attend one day of our Holiday Program on the school holidays.


Matches a Young Carer like Cybaal with a one-on-one mentor for regular catch ups, help with schoolwork and general guidance.


Provides Young Carers like Cybaal with a one-of-a-kind Dream Experience!


Supports a Young Carer like Cybaal through our six month Big Dreamers Personal Development program.


Become a Big Giver

When you give monthly, we give back.

When you sign up to give monthly, you become part of our community of Big Givers.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Big Givers welcome gift
  • Monthly newsletter updates
  • Impact reports from our programs
  • Discounts to our events
  • The warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing that you’re helping to improve the quality of life of Young Carers.
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Gifts in Wills

By leaving a gift to Little Dreamers, you can help us continue to support, amplify and improve the quality of life of Young Carers around Australia.

Gifts in wills come in all shapes and sizes. For example, they could be a sum of money, or they could be an asset or a percentage or residue of an estate.

Your gift might also have a specific purpose (i.e. it could help fund one of our programs, go towards establishing a support centre for Young Carers…the sky is the limit!). Our team is more than happy to help guide you through this decision.

Big or small, every gift is special and can change a young person’s life. After remembering your family and friends, we would love you to consider Little Dreamers as your choice of recipient.

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Fundraising for Little Dreamers Australia is fun and easy. You can get started by creating a fundraising page on Raisely, which you can access via the link below. From there, we’ll support you along the way with resources and a fundraising coach.

If you have any ideas, or would like to chat to our team further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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A Young Carer Like You

1 in 10 young Australians under 25 provide unpaid care for a family member with a disability, illness or addiction. That’s 2 to 3 Young Carers in every single Australian classroom. So, chances are that you or someone you know has grown up as a Young Carer.

Take our new, interactive personality quiz to be matched with a Young Carer like you, then read their profile and learn a bit more about what it means to be a Young Carer for these young people. At the end of the quiz, you’ll be asked whether you’d like to join our Big Givers regular giving program.

Anyone can become a carer at any time. By contributing as little as $5 per month, you’re making a world of difference to a Young Carer just like the one you’ll be matched with in the quiz.

Take the Quiz

We have no doubt you’ve already heard the news about Art Club? Well! Have we got the goodies for you! Dreamers Hub members will have a week of Art Programs - think photography 📸 to origami to painting 🖌 or textiles 🧵 . The world is our canvas, the prizes are sensational!

If you haven’t already, sign up to Dreamers Hub and get exclusive access to the events when they go live. 💥

Meet Alycia 🌟

Alycia joins our QLD team as a Program Coordinator! 👋 She loves to read and try new things (like crocheting)🧶 She previously lived in Thailand, so Thai food is her absolute go-to!

"I am passionate about empowering young people to reach their full potential. Young Carers hold an incredible set of skills, and through our programs, I'm excited to see them dream big!" 💕

#LDDreamBig #MeetTheTeam

From a place we’d love to be right now…learning to surf at our Geelong Holiday Program way back in January! ☀️🌊 ...

Are you bored? Or in lockdown? Want to see how good of a problem solver you are? Have a crack at the Mystery Game on our Dreamers Hub forums! 🕵️

I challenge you!

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