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Help us improve the quality of life of Young Carers.


1 in 1O Australians grow up providing care for a loved one

Little Dreamers staff member, Taylar wears a navy long sleeve top with the Little Dreamers star on the front. She has a helmet, harness and gloves on for the high ropes course, and has her mouth wide open in a smile and hands up in the air. Behind her is the high ropes course, surrounded in trees.

Become a Big Giver

At Little Dreamers, we believe that small acts of kindness can make a big difference. When you sign up to become a monthly donor, you’re not just giving, you’re becoming part of our community of Big Givers.

  • Consistent Impact: Your monthly support ensures we can make a lasting difference in the lives of Young Carers
  • Stay Connected: Receive regular updates from our team and be the first to know about our initiatives
  • Warm Welcome: As a gesture of our gratitude, you’ll receive a special welcome gift
  • Feel the Joy: Experience the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re changing lives every month
  • Easy Giving: Manage your donations effortlessly with our user-friendly online portal

Join us today and make a meaningful impact. Become a monthly donor and join our community of Big Givers.

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Young Carer Jack, stares gleefully at the camera, hands clapping together and mouth wide open.

Gifts in Wills

By leaving a gift to Little Dreamers, you can help us continue to support, amplify and improve the quality of life of Young Carers around Australia.

Gifts in wills come in all shapes and sizes. For example, they could be a sum of money, or they could be an asset or a percentage or residue of an estate.

Your gift might also have a specific purpose (i.e. it could help fund one of our programs, go towards establishing a support centre for Young Carers…the sky is the limit!). Our team is more than happy to help guide you through this decision.

Big or small, every gift is special and can change a young person’s life. After remembering your family and friends, we would love you to consider Little Dreamers as your choice of recipient.

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