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Young Carers are significantly more susceptible to low education and employment, social isolation and poor mental health. In 2016, Young Carers were recognised by the Australian Child Wellbeing Project in the top four most vulnerable youth populations in Australia.

Your donation can help provide much needed support for Young Carers.

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Nat Court

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We met Alex a couple of years ago. Alex is a primary carer for his mum, who has a condition called Transverse Myelitis and is permanently in a wheelchair. This means that Alex takes on lots of extra household duties and care tasks, in addition to being very committed to his studies. Alex is determined, hard working and humble, and his mum Amanda is also a superstar (and a former wheelchair basketball champion)! Alex has participated in a range of our programs, including Holiday Programs, Mentoring and most recently, Big Dreamers, and we've watched him develop from a quiet kid who found it difficult to articulate his caring role to his friends and teachers, to someone who recently shared his story on national television with Waleed on @theprojecttv (and also sang karaoke in front of an audience at our retreat)! We're so proud to be part of Alex's journey! 💫 #YoungCarer #LDDreamBig ...

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? 🙌
Via @artofbrilliance #LDDreamBig

We're pretty fortunate to have the support of some amazing organisations like the ones you see above to help make our Welcome Packs so special! 🥰 These vouchers are what Young Carers will receive when they newly apply for support with us (as well as some pretty cool Little Dreamers merchandise and a little bit about what we do)! If you'd like to become a Welcome Pack sponsor too, send us a message! 🙌 ...

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