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Young Carers are significantly more susceptible to low education and employment, social isolation and poor mental health. In 2016, Young Carers were recognised by the Australian Child Wellbeing Project in the top four most vulnerable youth populations in Australia.

Your donation can help provide much needed support for Young Carers.

Young Carer Guide
Nat Court

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Thought for the day: Your purpose in life is not to please others. Choose something you love, and live for that thing 💛💫 #LDDreamBig ...

Our January Holiday Programs kicked off today in Melbourne at @circusoz 🤸🏽‍♀️ Thanks to the awesome Circus Oz team, our Young Carers enjoyed juggling, hula hooping, tight wire, tumbling and even trapeze! We're so proud of every Young Carer who took the plunge and absolutely smashed it! #LDDreamBig ...

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