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Your Donation Matters

At Little Dreamers, we rely on the generosity of the community and donors to help us work towards our vision of a world in which every Young Carer around the world is supported by someone or something by 2020. Your donation significantly impacts the lives of young Australians in unpaid caring roles, helping to build their wellbeing, social connectedness, personal skills and future outcomes. For every donation, we’re reaching more Young Carers, generating more awareness and improving quality of life.


Become a Big Giver

When you give monthly, we give back.

When you sign up to give monthly, you become part of our community of Big Givers.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Big Givers Welcome pack
  • Monthly updates on where your money is going
  • Impact reports from our programs
  • Discounts to our events
  • The warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing that you’re helping to improve the quality of life of Young Carers.
Give Monthly

A Young Carer Like You

1 in 10 young Australians under 25 provide unpaid care for a family member with a disability, illness or addiction. That’s 2 to 3 Young Carers in every single Australian classroom. So, chances are that you or someone you know has grown up as a Young Carer.

Take our new, interactive personality quiz to be matched with a Young Carer like you, then read their profile and learn a bit more about what it means to be a Young Carer for these young people. At the end of the quiz, you’ll be asked whether you’d like to join our Big Givers regular giving program.

Anyone can become a carer at any time. By contributing as little as $5 per month, you’re making a world of difference to a Young Carer just like the one you’ll be matched with in the quiz.

Take the Quiz

Fundraise for Little Dreamers

Fundraising for Little Dreamers Australia is fun and easy. You can pick one of the ideas below, or create your own. We’ll support you along the way with resources and a fundraising coach. If you have any questions or original ideas, let us know!

✨ 3/5 ✨

Believe in the power of your own thoughts 💪

For more from The Poetry Project, check out @poetryproject08 on Instagram and Twitter!


@millsmc07 @poetryproject08

Introducing our first family day of the year - Valentine's Day! 💕

Join us for an afternoon of picnicking and fun activities in Alma Park 🌻🧺

Get your face painted, play outdoor games, enjoy lunch (provided) and get crafty with our arts and crafts! 🎨

Young Carers, families and friends are all welcome.

Book via the events link in our bio! #LDDreamBig

We're SO excited to announce our first workshop of the year on the Dreamers Hub! ✨💻

We’ll be joined by psychologist and founder of @gheorgtherobot, Dr Louise Metcalf, to unpack anxiety and challenging emotions, how these feelings come to be, tools and techniques to overcome them, as well as any burning questions you might have for a psychologist! 🙋‍♀️

Link to register for free in our bio! 🔗 #LDDreamBig


Our challenges look different for each of us 🏔

So while we can’t always offer a solution, what we can do is listen, and make it known that we’re here to support.

Here’s your little reminder to reach out to someone who might be struggling with a mountain of their own right now 💜


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