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Young Carers are significantly more susceptible to low education and employment, social isolation and poor mental health. In 2016, Young Carers were recognised by the Australian Child Wellbeing Project in the top four most vulnerable youth populations in Australia.

Your donation can help provide much needed support for Young Carers.

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Big Dreamers UNITE 💪 Last Sunday, our Big Dreamers met Aylin, Noah, Amelie and Naomi from last year’s cohort. We had an awesome day making gingerbread houses, learning more about each other and getting inspired for what the future holds! 💫 #LDDreamBig ...

Self-care, it’s not a luxury. What’s one self-care goal you’re setting for yourself this week? 💭#LDDreamBig
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👋 Carers spend a lot of time putting others before themselves. Our challenge for you this weekend: Call up a carer and ask how they are. A little gesture can go a long way 💛 #LDDreamBig
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Jingle (and mingle) all the way! 🎄🎅 Last night was a celebration of all the special humans who have contributed to Little Dreamers over the past year. Last night captured the spirit, love and excitement of this organisation and we couldn’t be more grateful 🥰 #LDDreamBig ...

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