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We’re making some changes to our programs at Little Dreamers. Find out more.

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Program Manager, Miranda, kneels down next to a Young Carer who is wearing a pink dress and white leggings. The Young Carer has her hands together and smiles gleefully. Miranda leans in towards her with a smile on her face. They are at a School Holiday Program together.


Help Little Dreamers achieve our mission of improving the quality of life of Young Carers by making a donation today.

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A Young Carer and a volunteer stand next to each other and smile at the camera at one of our School Holiday Programs. The Young Carer has their arm around the volunteer, and they are both standing on the lawn outside. The volunteer has a name tag on and wears bright pink pants and a navy long sleeve Little Dreamers top. She holds a peace sign to the camera. The Young Carer wears a dark t-shirt and jeans.


We have a diverse range of volunteering opportunities available to you. No experience required – just genuine passion and a hunger to make a difference!

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Founder and CEO, Maddy, hugs a volunteer in the foreground at a Little Dreamers event. In the background, another Little Dreamers staff member smiles at the camera.

Become a Regular Giver

When you give monthly, we give back. Join our community of regular givers and support Young Carers.

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Three Little Dreamers staff members stand together in the midst of conversation. One is smiling with hid ams crossed, one is gesturing with their hands as she speaks, and the other is listening intently to the conversation, facing away from the camera and angled towards the speaker.

Workplace Opportunities

Our team is passionate about collaborating with organisations and workplaces to increase awareness and support for Young Carers. Find out how you can get involved below. In addition, we’re more than happy to tailor our opportunities to you and your workplace.

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A Young Carer smiles at the camera and holds up their clay flower creation which is painted yellow and pink. They are attending a School Holiday Program with Little Dreamers.

Gifts In Wills

By leaving a gift to Little Dreamers, you can help us continue to support, amplify and improve the quality of life of Young Carers.

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Four Little Dreamers staff members pose together. Two stand in the front, the other two are in the back receiving piggy backs from the front two. Maddy, our Founder and CEO, is laughing with her mouth wide open, the others have big grins on their faces. They are outside on the grass, with trees in the background and lots of greenery.

Work With Us

Fancy joining in a fast-paced, innovative, passionate and incredibly colourful workplace? You should probably check out our current job opportunities!


Welcome to the first of our December Wishlist Wednesday series! 🎁

Each Wednesday leading up to Christmas, we`ll be unwrapping a special Young Carer`s wishes for their Dream Experience. If you can help us turn these dreams into reality (πŸ‘‰ maybe you know someone, work somewhere, etc.), please get in touch!

❀️ Our first Young Carer is 10-year-old Storm, from QLD.

Storm cares for her mum, who has stage 4 Ovarian Cancer and needs support with general household duties such as cooking, cleaning, making beds and providing emotional support to her siblings.

Storm would love to have a Dream Experience where she can spend rare and precious one-on-one time with her mum! Check out her ideas below.

Can you help us make Storm`s Dream come true? Shoot us a DM or email dreams@littledreamers.org.au πŸ“©

✨ Want to donate to support more Young Carer`s like Storm? Head to the link in our bio ✨

#WishlistWednesday #LittleDreamers #YoungCarers #DreamExperience

✨ Set a Place at the Table to a Young Carer this Christmas 🎁

Let`s make this holiday season truly special.

Make a difference in the life of a Young Carer with a small donation to Little Dreamers, equivalent to one extra spot at your table.

❀️ $50: Ignite joy with a Welcome Pack – info about Little Dreamers and goodies galore!
πŸ’š $100: Kickstart a Young Carer`s journey with a comprehensive intake, paving the way for life-changing support.
πŸ’› $500: Make dreams come true! Sponsor a Young Carer`s unforgettable Dream Experience.

Your donation = Real Impact.

Let`s come together and ensure that every Young Carer has a seat at the table this Christmas.

πŸš€ Head to our bio for the link to donate now

#SeatAtTheTable #DreamBig #LittleDreamers #YoungCarers #ChristmasImpact

We are beyond proud of Jacqueline, one of our incredible Young Carers, who was a recipient of the inaugural Alison Harcourt Award last Thursday πŸ™Œ

The award, presented by Monique Ryan, recognises primary and secondary school students in the electorate of Kooyong who have demonstrated outstanding community service and citizenship.

Jacq, we continue to be awed by you and everything you have achieved! ✨


πŸ•Ί Thanks to our friends at @theticketmerchantau, we have a limited number of tickets available to give away for The Wiggles live in concert in Melbourne this Saturday!

Valid for Young Carers and their family members only. First in best dressed - send us an email at dreams@litledreamers.org.au if you`d like to claim them πŸ‘‹

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