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Supporting young people aged 4 to 25 who provide care for a family member affected by disability, chronic or mental illness, addiction or frail age.

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Dream Experience

Ever wanted to ride in a hot air balloon? Or run onto the ground with your favourite footy team? Dream Experiences are our way of recognising and saying thanks to Young Carers!

Dream Experience

School Holiday Program

Our School Holiday Programs give Young Carers the opportunity to get to know other young people in caring roles and receive some much needed respite during the school holidays, with loads of fun outings and activities!

Holiday Program

Big Dreamers

Our six-month Personal Development Program helps Young Carers navigate identity, careers, study, relationships and life skills as they reach their final years of schooling.

Big Dreamers

Dreamers Hub

Our Dreamers Hub is an online support platform created by Young Carers for Young Carers.

Dreamers Hub


Online Tutoring provides Young Carers with tailored support and guidance, while increasing social connection and improving mental health.

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Young Carer Byron, aged 8, wears a Richmond FC jersey and holds a yellow football. He has a big toothy smile and is missing his front teeth. Dustin Martin stands to his right, with his hand on Byron's shoulder. Dusty is also smiling. They are standing at a gate with a large green football oval behind them.
Two girls stand together with their arms around each other's shoulders and big smiles. They are both wearing zip up jackets in shades of green. The image captures them from the waist upwards and behind them are rows of chairs set up for a speaker presentation.
Three Young Carers sit next to each other looking into the distance. Danny is in a red varsity jacket seated in the middle, his hands crossed at his mouth and elbows resting on his legs. He has short black hair. Taylah sits to his left, hands resting between her knees, and Julianna had her arms folded, smiling, on the right of the frame in the distance. They are sitting on the verandah with a house behind them.
Aylin stands in the centre, mid laugh with her hands in the air. She wears an oversized navy hoodie and has her hair tied half up off her face. Maddy stands on the right, crouched over mid laugh. She has long, straight brown hair and a grey knit jumper. Taylah is on the left, standing straight and looking off to the side. She has a smile on her face.
Young Carer, Julianna, and volunteer, Michelle, stand together, smiling at the camera. Julianna's long black hair is tied in two braids that sit over her shoulders, and Michelle has her arm around Julianna, her brown curly hair swept behind her shoulders. Michelle is in a stripy t-shirt with toucan birds printed on it and Juilianna is wearing a black t-shirt.
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Am I A Young Carer?

If you’re not too sure whether you (or someone you know) might be a Young Carer, a great place to start is this quiz! While we acknowledge that every caring role is different, and that not all Young Carers feel that they need to access support, we’re also incredibly passionate about raising awareness, promoting inclusivity and advocating for young people in caring roles!

Take the quiz

It’s likely you’re a Young Carer!

A Young Carer is someone under the age of 25 who provides, or intends to provide care for a family member with a disability, illness, mental illness or an addiction – and your answers suggest that’s you!

Being a Young Carer can be awesome! Young Carers learn compassion, maturity, kindness and empathy from having a caring role, and often develop an incredible bond with the family member they’re supporting. But being a Young Carer can also have an impact on education, social life, employment and mental and physical health. That’s something we’re passionate about changing.

If you’d like to chat to us further about being a Young Carer, or the kind of support we can provide, then give us a call on 1800 717 515. You can also check out our range of support programs on offer here.

Otherwise, you can apply for support with us straight away, and we’ll be in touch!

Apply for support

You’re probably not a Young Carer.

A Young Carer is someone under the age of 25 who provides, or intends to provide care for a family member with a disability, illness, mental illness or an addiction. Your answers didn’t seem to match up with this definition.

But fear not! We know that every caring role is different, and this quiz may not always be right! So, if you’d like to chat to us further and assess whether we can support you, then give us a call on 1800 717 515.

We encourage you to read more about Young Carers here: Expert Guide and maybe even apply for some volunteering positions with us!

Make Life Better

Get Involved

We welcome everyone to Little Dreamers through a range of tailored opportunities. If you're passionate about helping young people reach their full potential, then we'll get along!

Make Life Better

Warm and Fuzzies

"Fantastic - Life changing for Young Carers to be acknowledged & supported in their role. For our daughter, it helps bridge the gap of what we can’t do with her due to our younger children’s extra needs with their disabilities. More people need to know they can access wonderful services like this."

"Nathaniel had an absolute fantastic Dream Experience, it was great just watching it be all about him, because he deserves so much, he never ask for anything..... so thank you very much for blessing him with this opportunity the smile didn't leave his face all day and it meant the world to us. "

"We worked really hard to ensure that Ethan knew that his Dream Experience was due to the incredible hard work Ethan undertakes on a daily basis as a young carer. The experience was absolutely unbelievable and Ethan felt validated, appreciated and exceptionally special. He loved every second of it."

"The program made my child feel like he was important too. He was overwhelmed and couldn't believe how lucky he was to be given this opportunity. Little Dreamers is a wonderful organisation, they made my son feel so special and made his little dream come true. I can't thank them enough. "

"Sam had reached the point where he felt that his own dreams were fast getting out of his reach because of the sacrifices he has had to make for his family and the sacrifices his family have had to make as a whole. Little Dreamers helped him no longer feel that it is impossible to reach for his dream."

"What a fantastic organisation, we were so lucky to have the kids involved for two days of your School Holiday Program in Melbourne. Everyone was so great interacting with all the children, catering to different ages an needs. Kudos to all involved. You fill a much needed area that is often overlooked."

"We just got home from the most amazing three days, our first family holiday! Maggie had the best time ever! We really don't know how to thank you, we will remember this for the rest of our lives. We are so grateful and appreciate it all so much. Little Dreamers made Maggie's dream come true and more. "

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family. We have found two amazing mentors for our children through your charity. Both of our children had amazing Dreams Experiences that have changed them forever, they will never ever forget your kindness. We can’t thank you enough. "

We are so honoured to be part of Bespoken`s incredible new `Be-Causes` initiative.

The way the program works is simple - each time a new client joins their agency, they will make a one-off donation to whichever cause the client nominates as their beneficiary.

We`ve had loads of fun collaborating with the team to make this possible, and we`re so excited to follow the journey of this program!

Thank you to Bespoken for putting humans at the centre of your work ❤️

Find out more: www.bespokenagency.com.au/be-causes/

📣 Ballarat Young Carers - we are so excited for this event!

Get ready for an unforgettable day at our Ballarat Family Picnic! ✨ Hosted by Little Dreamers and @carersvictoria, this event is all about celebrating Young Carers and their families ❤

Join us at Lake Wendouree Adventure Playground on the 10th of April for a BBQ lunch, entertainment, games, and opportunities to connect with local community organisations 👋

Register now: bit.ly/LDCV-ballaratpicnic

We are so excited to introduce you to Lisa, our new Program Lead in VIC! ✨

Lisa`s hobbies include bushwalking, travel, watching movies, and reading books by the fire. In her role, Lisa is most excited about getting to know Young Carers and watching the impact that our programs have on these incredible young people 🚀

Lisa`s ULTIMATE Dream Experience would be going backstage to a music concert and watching the artist perform to a huge crowd!

Lisa is currently busy planning our next super exciting Big Dreamers program in Victoria. Stay tuned for more info about this next week...👀

Our Online Job Readiness Project kicks off soon in QLD and NSW! 💻

Are you a Young Carer aged between 13-25 in QLD or NSW regions of South West Sydney or Nepean Blue Mountains? We`re thrilled to introduce our Online Job Readiness Project tailored just for you!

⭐ Build new skills
⭐ Make valuable connections
⭐ Achieve your employment goals

Program commences 11 March 2024. Ready to take the leap? Express your interest at: formstack.io/DDFFC

📧 For inquiries, send us a message or reach out to Tahnee at tahnee@littledreamers.org.au.

Unlock Your Potential with our Job Readiness Program for Young Carers in Ballarat 🌟

The program consists of:
🔍 Personalised guidance on CV building
🎙️ Mock interviews to boost confidence
🔎 Job search strategies tailored to you
💰 Financial planning advice for stability

Each participant receives 3-4 one-on-one coaching sessions, exclusively designed to empower YOU!

📍 Location: Ballarat
👥 Age: 15-25

Reach out to monika@littledreamers.org.au to express your interest and kickstart your journey today!

We`re thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a grant from
@carersvictoria funded by the Victorian Government for the Connecting Carers in their Community Grant Program.

With this funding, we`re so excited to be delivering School Holiday Programs for Young Carers in Geelong and Ballarat in 2024. Stay tuned for our April dates very soon! ☀️

We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to make a
positive impact with the support of this funding 👐

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