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Mentoring, Tutoring and More

Mentoring, Tutoring and More

Mentoring, Tutoring and More

We believe positive role models can create a lasting and vital impact to the lives of Young Carers. 

Our Group Mentoring, Online Tutoring and Hour of Power programs have helped foster amazing bonds between Young Carers, our team and volunteers.

Young Carers must be registered for support to take part in these programs. Find out more about each individual program below!

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Mentoring, Tutoring and More

Group Mentoring

Our Group Mentoring program is a fun and engaging collection of workshops designed for Young Carers. Facilitated by Little Dreamers staff, Young Carers will connect with one another to explore topics like health and wellbeing, personal development, planning and organisation and connection and community.

Who and where?

The program is run specifically for Young Carers aged 12 to 16. This program is available to Young Carers across Australia (except in certain regions where we offer IPPS via the Carer Gateway). Due to COVID restrictions, our Group Mentoring currently takes place online.

Mentoring, Tutoring and More

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring provides Young Carers with extra support in their education, keeping them engaged in schoolwork and studies with regular one-on-one sessions. The program sees Young Carers matched with one of our amazing Little Dreamers volunteers based on subject needs and time availability.


Online Tutoring is currently only available for students from primary school to year 12 (aged 5 to 18). Via Zoom, tutors will help guide students through their homework and school related tasks to provide a helping hand with their education. The program gives Young Carers the opportunity to get to know their tutor, create a positive relationship and gain a passionate role model. 

Mentoring, Tutoring and More

Hour of Power

Running weekly online via Zoom, Hour of Power is all about having a laugh, playing games and meeting other Young Carers!

Young Carers will get to test their general knowledge and engage in activities ranging from charades, trivia, word games, ‘Guess the Song’ and more.

Hour of Power is run for Young Carers in two age groups:

  • Ages 6-9: Wednesdays 4pm – 5pm
  • Ages 10-14: Thursdays 4pm – 5pm
  • Ages 15+: Tuesdays 5pm – 6pm
Make Life Better

Warm and Fuzzies

"Ethan was not in such a great mood before the session yesterday, it can be a high pressure environment at home for him at times, but he came out of the session a changed boy, so happy and totally re-centred. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the wonderful job you all do at Little Dreamers."

"She is absolutely loving it. I love seeing how happy it makes her and that she has something to look forward to each week. I really appreciate it. "

"Her initiative and confidence are improving as time goes on and she is coming out of her shell, which is amazing to see."

"It's been great! My grades have been going up, especially in math, and this is mostly thanks to Steven! I will definitely be continuing tutoring next term for sure, thanks for everything."

"I think that Little Dreamers has been the silver lining for us over the past couple of months. We are so grateful for you all and everything that you do."

"The facilitators are kind, compassionate and fun. I loved the connection and looked forward to this hour every week. The group helped me become calmer. "

"It was super fun, I got to express my feelings, and I got to listen to and learn about other Young Carers."

"I really liked sharing stories about myself and listen to what my peers have to say. "

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