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Random Acts of Kindness

February 17th, 2020

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Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day! In tribute, we’ve put together a list of 50 of our favourite random acts of kindness.
As a bonus activity, pick a number between 1-50 and perform whichever task corresponds to that number today!

  1. Send someone a message to tell them how much they mean to you
  2. Reach out to someone you haven’t see for a while
  3. Compliment a stranger
  4. Bake something for your friends or colleagues
  5. Let someone go in front of you in line
  6. Pay it forward by buying a coffee for the next customer
  7. Leave a nice note for someone
  8. Tip your waiter/server
  9. Volunteer for an organisation of your choice
  10. Make plans to give blood
  11. Donate your old clothes to an op shop
  12. Write a LinkedIn recommendation for a co-worker or connection
  13. Leave a nice note on a stranger’s car
  14. Send a kind email to a co-worker who deserves recognition
  15. Purchase something from a small business
  16. Leave a positive review for a small business
  17. Offer to run an errand for a family member or friend who is busy
  18. Wash someone’s dishes
  19. Give up your seat for someone on public transport
  20. Handwrite a letter to an important person in your life and mail it
  21. Text someone good morning
  22. Leave a nice comment on someone’s social media post
  23. Give someone a hug
  24. Leave money on a vending machine
  25. Buy a meal for a homeless person
  26. Home cook a meal for someone
  27. Offer someone a lift
  28. Teach someone a new skill
  29. Give money to a busker
  30. Plant a tree
  31. Relay a compliment you’ve overheard to the person
  32. Pick up litter that you see
  33. Offer to walk someone’s dog
  34. Learn the name of someone new
  35. Give someone a book recommendation
  36. Register to become an organ donor
  37. Help someone with their shopping bags
  38. Tell a server to ‘keep the change’
  39. Tell a manager how good your service was
  40. Say hello to strangers you pass in the street
  41. Wave at a kid
  42. Ask someone if they need any help
  43. Adopt an animal online
  44. Smile at everyone you see
  45. Plan a weekend away with friends or family
  46. Send a nice photo you took of your friend to them
  47. Stay late to help someone clean up/pack up
  48. Let a car merge in front of you
  49. Start a TV show that someone recommended to you
  50. Give an unexpected gift
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