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Carly, 19

Carly Carly Carly

I care for: my mum

Hi, my name’s Carly.

I would describe myself as a hard working, caring, kind and friendly person. In my spare time, I like to watch TV and Netflix and cheer loudly for my favourite footy team!

At school, my favourite things to learn were numeracy skills, literacy skills and Personal Development skills. I also love reading and writing and my dream career is to be a child care educator.

I am a Young Carer for my mum, because she has schizophrenia.


My Day-to-Day

On a school day, I’d usually wake up at 6:30 am and have breakfast and if my mum is awake I will ask her if she wants breakfast or coffee. If she’s asleep, I won’t wake her up as she can get grumpy sometimes if she’s woken up.

On the holidays, weekends or especially during COVID lockdown, I help my mum around the house far more. This includes, but not limited to, washing the dishes, washing clothes, preparing and making lunch for both my mum and I, and keeping my mum company as she can get quite lonely when she is at home.

My absolute favourite part of Little Dreamers is the Big Dreamers Personal Development Program, which I was lucky enough to take part in recently. Participating in all the workshops and going on the retreats has been unforgettable.

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