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Built from personal experience and qualitative research, the Big Dreamers Personal Development Program runs for six months with a small group of Young Carers aged 14 to 18. The program is designed to empower, develop resilience and provide Young Carers with the opportunity to build new skills and find hidden talents. The program includes:

  • Monthly workshops
  • Overnight retreat/s
  • Business mentoring
  • Regular check-ins
  • Graduation event at conclusion

To find out more and apply for our Big Dreamers Program, please contact us, or complete an application for support.

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Warm and Fuzzies

"It has been life changing to be part of a group that allows me to express who I am and explore who I want to be "

"This program is absolutely worth it. It has helped me to become more confident, more outgoing and understand myself emotionally."

"The Big Dreamers program has given me time out of my caring role to hang out with other Young Carers in a safe environment where we can all relate to each other and where I can meet other Young Carers that are going through similar situations to mine."

"The program has made me become more open about my caring role and it has made me realise that I am not alone and there are many people who are there supporting me along my caring journey."

"The Big Dreamers Personal Development Program has been a transformative experience, which has allowed me to become more confident and comfortable with myself."

"I learnt that I’m braver than I think."

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